Why let the guys have all the fun?  One woman and her write blocker is determined to change the status quo.  Maybe even the quid pro, too.

This blog aims to be a light-hearted take on the field of digital forensics.  Whilst excellent blogs in a similar vein exist in the ether, the female perspective appears to be sadly lacking.  The loneliness of the long-distance private practitioner also gets no mention.

I am about to put that right…

* N.B. All fictional characters mentioned in this blog are exactly that – fictional. They are purely the product of an over active imagination and are not to be taken for any real person, living or dead. Any resemblance such characters may bear to any person living or dead is entirely coincidental.  Real backdrops, whether physical locations, organised events or virtual environments, are used – like theatrical props – for the purpose of illustration only and scenarios played out against these backgrounds are entirely invented.

The author offers the following wise quote for consideration:

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

– Japanese proverb


One Response to “About”

  1. iz Says:


    I have onlye today happened upon your blogge, which occasioned me great pleasure. As you say, why shalle the boyes have all the funne ? It doth distress me however, that tymes have been hard in sectors both private and publick and this may have impacted upon earning the wodges of dosh necessary for a gentlewoman’s needments. I wish you, indeed I wish us all, a speedy and permanent exit from Recession and a long sojourn in Prosperitie.

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